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Oklahoma weather can take a toll on your property's roof. Damage to a roof can mean further damages to electronics, appliances, carpet, flooring, and furniture. S.H. Vaughn Construction can provide a professional assessment to determine the severity of damage to your roof, and give you the best recommendation on the next steps to take to keep your home protected.

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Has something in your home lost the luster that it once had and is in dire need of being restored? S.H. Vaughn Construction can take what's old and make it new again. Let us help you restore your home to it's original beauty.

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Remodeling Plans


Whether it's a kitchen, bath, office, room conversion, or a brand new exterior/interior construction addition, S.H. Vaughn Construction Co. has done it all. We have been serving Oklahomans with their home remodeling needs for over 12 years, and will make every effort to match the architectural characteristics of your home.

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