Is Your Home Winter Ready?

Check out these tips:

✔️ 1. Windows & Doors – Check for drafts and weatherstripping.

✔️ 2. Lawn & Garden – Trim overgrown branches. Cover patio furniture with heavy tarp or place Indoors. Shut off exterior faucets. Make sure exterior handrails are secure.

✔️ 3. Outdoors – Bring Shovels to the front. Stock up on Ice Melt or sand.

✔️ 4. Heating & A/C – Check your furnace filter. Check smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Inspect the firebox & flue system. Examine exposed ducts.

✔️ 5. Gutters, Roofs & Drains – Clean gutters of debris. Ensure vents are covered to prevent insects, birds or rodents from getting in. Seal joints where water might get in. #hometips #diytips #homerepair #construction