Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofing Company

Unsure of what to ask? Here are some questions to help get you started!

What is your legal business name? Many people may overlook this simple question; however, as a general safeguard for the homeowner, make sure the contractor is operating as a legal business entity.

Do you have a license and/or insurance? Check to make sure your contractor has valid insurance in your municipality to avoid any liabilities that may incur.

What are your references? Try to get two or three references of past jobs. If possible, examine the work in person and ask questions (e.g., was the work completed in a timely manner, was the crew professional, did they clean up the work area afterwards, etc.).

What are your payment terms? Ask what forms of payment the contractor accepts. Also, ask about any deposit requirements prior to the start of the job.

What may cause my final estimate to be different from the initial estimate? Be sure to ask about situations that may cause the price of the estimate to increase. Most contractors will charge more to include interior work if it’s discovered that there’s excessive water damage under the old roof.

How long will the job take? Make sure you know the timeline of the project and go over the procedure when there are weather-related delays.

What are the roof warranties? Roofing materials will come with product warranties. In addition, ask about labor and installation warranties, repair warranties, etc.

In what condition will you leave the property? Make sure the roofer agrees to clean up all shingle pieces, wood remnants, and other debris before he leaves the jobsite.

The following are examples of additional questions you may want to consider asking:

  • What is your roofing price per square foot?
  • Can you do a layover instead of a full replacement?
  • Will the roof estimator need to come inside my house?
  • Do I receive my estimate over the phone, electronically, or by mail?
  • Who will be on the jobsite during my roof installation?